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Every day, useful materials are tossed in construction and renovation dumpsters. Then it waits to be trucked to the landfill. The contractors don't have time or space to deal with it. There is also tons of leftover lumber taking up space in basements and garages. Meanwhile, unknowingly, people who need the same lumber or materials drive past it to purchase it at the big box stores.

This is a big problem and a huge  opportunity!

LumberStash is a growing network of (backyard/garage) salvage stores that are run by good people. Most of the inventory would be in the landfill if we didn't save it. Using existing space in our yard and garage plus basic tools we have almost no overheard costs. This allows us to sell locally salvaged materials at a very good price while earning a nice wage. We have some of the best deals on lumber for sale in the Twin Cities and Minnesota

A few of our team members are expert builders.

Contact us if you want something beautiful made from salvaged materials. 



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